Microsoft Unveils Xbox Onesie Gamer Loungewear So Goofy It Enhances Your Inner Dork

Microsoft Onesie

If the Xbox Onesie from Microsoft is an April Fool's Day joke, it's around seven months early (or five months too late) and doesn't go far enough—why aren't there any integrated Febreze jets that are timed to spritz the wearer ever 24 hours? The comical truth of the matter is they don't exist because the Xbox Onesie, a head-to-toe garment for a lazy day of gaming or Netflix binging, is real (we think).

Yes folks, Microsoft's latest product announcement isn't a new console or some fancy piece of technology on the level of a HoloLens, but a a onesie for adults. Microsoft's Australian team came up with the idea, which other than giving us pause to consider what might be in the water that our Aussie friends consume, makes more than a fashion statement (whatever statement that might be).

"Set to delight fashionistas and entertainment fans alike, the limited edition Xbox Onesie has been designed in collaboration with some of the country’s biggest film, TV, gaming and sports fans. The result… what can only be described as the perfect loungewear attire for true entertainment fans!," Microsoft says.

Xbox Onesie Pouch

The Xbox Onesie has enlarged pockets to store your Xbox controller, remote controls, or adult size baby bottle filled with Foster's. It also has an arm pouch to store your smartphone, a good place to keep it so you don't accidentally take a selfie while wearing this thing.

Since gaming is an all-season thing, the arms and legs both roll up as needed so you don't sweat yourself into an unsavory funk. There's also an extra large hood to help stay warm in winter months, even when wearing headphones. And if you're a gamer (or movie watcher) who can't sit still, there's even forearm grips, which are oval shaped patches like the ones that covered the elbows on your dad's favorite blazer in the 1980s.

Xbox Onesie His Hers

To cap things off, your custom Gamertag is sewn into the Xbox Onesie, forcing you to take ownership if a visitor should stumble upon this thing.

So, is it actually real? Microsoft is sticking to its guns that it is, though it's not yet ready to announce a price or release date, noting only that it's a limited edition item for the Australian market. Uh, darn?