Microsoft Is Blocking Surface Book 2 Owners From Upgrading To Windows 10 1903, Here's Why

Microsoft Windows joe belfiore
The Windows 10 May 2019 Update (Version 1903) was pushed out a couple of months ago, and for the most part, there were relatively few issues with the major operating system upgrade. Sure, there were some problems here and there -- and Microsoft put in upgrade blocks to ensure that most users were unaffected – but the May 2019 Update has not been nearly as much of a disaster as the preceding October 2018 Update.

With that being said, Microsoft has put a new upgrade block in place for owners of one of its own hardware products. The device in question is the Surface Book 2, which is a convertible tablet available in 13.5-inch and 15-inch versions. Microsoft has discovered an issue with the discrete GPU used in these Windows 10 devices.


The 13.5-inch Surface Book 2 is available with a GeForce GTX 1050 GPU, while its larger 15-inch counterpart is fitted with a GeForce GTX 1060. Microsoft describes the issue, writing:

Microsoft has identified a compatibility issue on some Surface Book 2 devices configured with NVIDIA discrete graphics processing unit (dGPU). After updating to Window 10, version 1903 (May 2019 Feature Update), some apps or games that needs to perform graphics intensive operations may close or fail to open.

It is unknown at this time if it is a driver issue that can be resolved on NVIDIA's side with a simple update or if this is a specify OS or hardware incompatibility issue that Microsoft will have to tackle with a software or firmware update. Whatever the case, there were enough reported cases from users for Microsoft to take this action.

Microsoft says that for now, users can simply restart their device to temporarily resolve the problem (which isn't always convenient) or "Scan for hardware changes" within the Device Manager. The company also warns users not to attempt to force an upgrade to the Windows 10 May 2019 Update until it is able to resolve this outstanding issue.