Microsoft Opens Windows 10 May 2019 Update Availability To All Users Manually Checking Windows Update

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Microsoft has just opened up Windows 10 Version 1903 (May 2019 Update) availability to additional users. The Redmond, Washington-based software giant took a deliberately slow approach with the May 2019 Update after it failed spectacularly with the October 2018 Update with a myriad of showstopping bugs.

The company announced this week that the May 2019 Update is now being made available to all Windows 10 users that manually "Check for Updates". Previously, Microsoft made the update automatically visible to hardware configurations with no known compatibility issues. The May 2019 Update, however, could still be deferred if a user didn't want to upgrade this early in the game.

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In addition, a separate subset of users who proactively clicked the "Check for Update" button were previously able to be served the May 2019 Update. Microsoft's official communiqué on the matter states:

Windows 10, version 1903 is available for any user who manually selects “Check for updates” via Windows Update. The recommended servicing status is Semi-Annual Channel. 

This slow and steady approach by Microsoft appears to be paying off, as the Windows 10 May 2019 Update hasn’t had nearly as many "epic failures" as its October 2018 Update predecessor. That's not to say that release has been trouble-free, as there have been some reported issues with Wi-Fi/Bluetooth connectivity and installs on AMD processors.

As for those there are wondering what Microsoft is doing with the 19H2 release, Brandon LeBlanc, Senior Program Manager for the Windows Insider Program Team, posted the following to Twitter: