Microsoft in Talks with Sony to Build a Windows Phone Handset

Microsoft and Sony might be out for blood in the console wars (Xbox One versus PlayStation 4), but on a different battlefield, the two could end up on fighting on the same side. That battlefield is mobile, and word on the web is that these two rivals are in discussions about the possibility of Sony releasing a Windows Phone device in 2014.

All reports seem to lead back to The Information, a relatively new site that's built up a paywall around the original story. The site only came into existence a few weeks ago, which we point out only to emphasize that we should all be taking these claims with a grain of salt.

Sony Xperia
Sony's been focused on Android, but might be willing to give Windows Phone a shot. Image Source: Flickr (Stephane <3)

That said, The Information claims to have heard from unidentified sources that Sony might launch a Windows Phone handset by mid-2014. At the same time, Microsoft is said to be in talks with ZTE and other Chinese handset makers. Microsoft's supposed pitch is that it's willing to slash software licensing fees to make its platform more attractive.

As for Sony, the company is reportedly still negotiating licensing terms with Microsoft. Should the two ultimately hammer out an agreement, Sony would market the Windows Phone device under its VAIO brand, though no other details about the hardware are yet known.

Microsoft can use all the help it can get. The company's Windows Phone platform is in a distant third place behind Android and iOS in terms of market share. Furthermore, around 9 out of every 10 Windows Phone handset is built by Nokia. A little diversity here certainly couldn't hurt.