Microsoft Gives Businesses All-Clear For Windows 10 Anniversary Update

Over the summer, Microsoft began pushing out the Windows 10 Anniversary Update to consumer PCs (and the Xbox One). While Regular Joes might not mind putting up with bleeding edge software and a few bugs here and there, businesses and those that use Windows 10 in mission critical situations aren’t very keen on taking chances with new updates.

Thankfully, Microsoft has just declared that after months of testing by its various customers — including enterprise deployments — that the Windows 10 Anniversary Update (aka Windows 10 1607) has been certified as a Current Branch for Business (CBB).

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“Businesses are seeing significant value, enhanced security and improved productivity with Windows 10 today,” said Microsoft’s Michael Niehaus. “With the Windows 10 1607 Current Branch for Business declaration, now is the time to accelerate your Windows 10 deployment.”

Microsoft will start pushing the Anniversary Update for PCs that are on the CBB track via Windows Update, Windows Update for Business, and Windows Server Update Services beginning in January. Relevant media will also be available for download from Microsoft’s Volume Licensing Service Center.

Microsoft is increasingly pushing Windows 10 and “Windows as a Service” to its business and enterprise customers, citing improved security and thus fewer headaches for IT departments. Microsoft is also claiming that PCs running Windows 10 are 58 percent less likely to get infected by ransomware compared to those still clinging to Windows 7.

With the Windows 10 Anniversary Update now given the all clear for the CBB track, it will be quite a while before the upcoming Creators Update is able to hold the same distinction. The Windows 10 Creators Update is on track for release in Spring 2017 for consumers, and we can expect to tack on at least another quarter before it hits the CBB branch.