Microsoft Focuses On Color In First Nokia Ad

After completing its acquisition of Nokia's Devices and Services business (mobile unit, basically) on Friday, Microsoft wasted no time in putting its stamp on the company brand by releasing an advertisement today that focuses on color. Color, you say? That's right -- though it's not as simple as that. It's a bit of an artsy ad that highlights the uniqueness of Lumia phones -- and the Windows Phone platform -- compared to the plethora of Android and iPhone models that dominate the landscape.

"Color runs through our devices; it’s part of our DNA. From the bright and bold Nokia X family to the metallic-fused Lumia 930, our colors draw attention and make heads turn. It’s what sets us apart from our competitors and what many of you love about our design ethos," Microsoft's Nokia unit states in a blog post.

Nokia Windows Phone

Microsoft fittingly chose "Not Like Everybody Else" by The Kinks for the short video's soundtrack. It begins with a rather drab looking landscape in black and white where everyone is moving in slow motion. The characters look on in wonder and envy when a man wearing a yellow coat and red hat wanders through the alleyway toting a Lumia phone. Other than the soundtrack, no words are spoken in the video, though the lyric "I'm not like everybody else" echoes several times. Have a look:

Microsoft's ads don't always hit the mark and are sometimes just downright bad. This one is a much better attempt, and unlike some of its past ads, it doesn't try to overly promote Windows Phone by putting down the competition.