Microsoft Flight Simulator, WoW: Shadowlands GeForce Game Ready Driver Updates Arrive

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With all the new games on the horizon, NVIDIA has to keep up with their drivers for game support. As such, NVIDIA today is releasing ‘Game Ready Driver’ version 452.06 for supporting several new games, optimal game settings, and G-SYNC compatible gaming monitors.

Over the course of the next few months, new games are going to start to come out, and the driver team at NVIDIA has to make sure that you can be on your best game with their hardware. With driver update 452.06,  support and optimizations are offered support for the following games:
A thing of note here is that World of Warcraft Shadowlands Beta is also receiving the ray-tracing treatment.  You can opt-in into the beta on the WoW site and get access to the graphical goodness of ray tracing for free.
wow bastion
Since early 2019, NVIDIA has been validating monitors for use with G-SYNC if they don’t have it already. This update continues the trend by validating the following monitors for use with G-SYNC:

 Acer  XB273U GX
VG272 LV
XV272 LV
CP5271U V
X34 GS
 Asus  PG329
 IO Data
 Lenovo  Y25-25

NVIDIA will continue to work with manufacturers to validate their monitors, but with this update, the total is now 110 G-SYNC compatible monitors which you can take a look at here.

If you have great refresh rates and G-SYNC capability, you have to have great framerates too.  In GeForce Experience, users can configure game settings automatically based on their hardware configuration as determined by NVIDIA’s software. This optimizes gameplay for higher framerates and smoother play. Along with their library of 900+ titles which are supported already, their newest driver update adds support for 23 more games which you can see here.

As of writing, Andrew Burnes, technical content creator at NVIDIA states, "We encountered some issues while publishing the driver. We hope to have them resolved soon." Once everything is resolved, hopefully uses will be able to download and install everything properly.  When the time comes to get driver update, you can download it here or open the NVIDIA GeForce Experience App and wait for access to download it.