Microsoft Chooses Team Iron Man In Civil War, Enlists Stark Industries To Build Custom Xbox One

We’ve seen a number of special edition Xbox One consoles since its initial introduction over two years ago. However, Microsoft France has gone “Full Marvel” by enlisting the help of Tony Stark (better known as Iron Man) to design its latest Xbox One.

The newest Xbox One is emblazoned with Stark Industries logos and has a miniature arc reactor built into its redesigned top panel. Naturally, the arc reactor lights up when the console is turned on and the motif has also replaced the power button on the redesigned wireless controller.

iron man xbox one 1

Even though this custom Xbox One is undeniably cool, we have two problems with it. For starters, the color scheme is all wrong and reminds of more of a Stormtrooper or something from Nintendo rather than Iron Man. Secondly, Microsoft France is apparently only producing three of these special edition consoles and will be giving them away via its Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts. That’s a bummer for those those that wouldn’t mind purchasing the console — not to mention that it looks as though those of us in the United States are being left out completely.

iron man xbox one 2

It should be noted the Microsoft France proudly proclaims via its Twitter page that it has picked #TeamIronMan to commemorate the upcoming April 27th release of Captain America: Civil War. Unfortunately, that April 27th launch pertains to Europe; those of us in the United States get the shaft once again, as we have to wait until May 6th

Given that Microsoft has already chosen a side, perhaps Sony will return the favor by adopting the #TeamCaptainAmerica hashtag and an appropriately themed PlayStation 4 console.

With that being said, we’re all looking forward to this year’s E3 as Microsoft is expected to reveal a redesigned Xbox One console, perhaps with a slimmer design. Sony won’t be too far behind, as the company’s PlayStation NEO is rumored to bow in the fall.