Microsoft Enables Xbox 360 Game Streaming For Windows 10

Just days after Microsoft announced that Windows 10 supports Xbox One streaming, word is coming that Windows 10 also supports Xbox 360 game streaming via the Xbox One. That follows Microsoft’s announcement that that the Xbox One is receiving backwards compatibility with the Xbox 360.

As we mentioned earlier, Microsoft has an impressive UI revamp in the works for the Xbox One. It will come out toward the end of this year, likely around the Windows 10 launch, at which point you’ll have access to the Xbox 360 game streaming functionality. The holiday season is shaping up to be a big one for Microsoft’s gaming and operating system properties. (Sadly, a holiday arrival of the HoloLens doesn’t seem very likely.)

Windows 10 and Xbox One

One caveat here is that Xbox 360 games that make use of Xbox hardware like the Kinect will likely not be compatible with the Xbox One. And it’s not clear that Microsoft will make all of the older games compatible. The differing architectures between the game systems has presented some challenges for Microsoft, which hoped to get the backwards compatibility out earlier.

Right now, Microsoft is taking user suggestions for Xbox 360 games that it should build into the Xbox One’s compatibility list here. Red Dead Redemption is leading the pack at the moment, with Call of Duty: Black Ops II and Skyrim filling out the top three.