Microsoft Edge 89 Browser Takes Tab Management Vertical And Slashes Startup Times

microsoft edge 2
Google is stepping up its game by shortening its Chrome release cycle, but it's not like other browser makers are standing still. Such is the case with Microsoft, which just released Edge 89. 

Microsoft is touting the performance of Sleeping Tabs, which launched in beta earlier this year. As its name implies, Sleeping Tabs allows unused tabs to go dormant; hence they consume fewer system resources. Microsoft's analytics shows that the feature has resulted in a 26 percent reduction in CPU utilization and a 16 percent drop in memory usage. That's great news for laptop users that are frequently away from a power outlet.

W10 20H2 Laptop Edge Vertical Tabs 16x9 en US
Vertical tabs in Edge 89

Next, Microsoft revealed that vertical tabs are coming to the release channel starting this month. As its name implies, tabs move from the horizontal strip above the address bar to a vertical strip on the UI's left-hand side. The strip can be completely hidden until you hover over it, making for a clean and uncluttered look for the browser. 

"Now everyone can view and manage their tabs from a pane on the side with a single click," said Microsoft Corporate VP Liat Ben-Zur. "This allows you to clearly see the tab titles and controls, making it easier to find and switch between the tabs you need, regardless of how many you have open. To get started, click on the vertical tabs icon in the upper left corner of your browser frame."

edge 89 startup boost
The option to flip on Startup Boost in Edge 89

Another significant change with Edge 89 is faster startup times for the browser. We've never thought that Edge was by any means slow, but Microsoft says that the Edge 89 browser starts 41 percent faster with Startup Boost. It's designed to "significantly reducing the time it takes to open the browser after a device reboot or reopening the browser." This feature is not currently available to everyone but will roll out starting this month to the generous populous. 

Other odds and ends for Edge 89 include more interactive Bing search results and an easier way to manage your history without dropping out of your current page.

Microsoft Edge 89 is available today in the stable channel, and you can grab the browser here if you want to give it a spin.