Microsoft Doubles New PC Discount Incentive To $100 As Windows XP Deadline Looms

Microsoft has given Windows XP users plenty of notice that it plans to stop supporting the legacy operating system on April 8, 2014, and as that date draws near, the Redmond outfit is ramping up its efforts to get XP holdouts to upgrade. One of the ways it's been trying to do that is through monetary incentives -- a week ago day, Microsoft began offering $50 gift cards to anyone who purchased a select new PC from the Microsoft Store. And now? Microsoft is knocking $100 off the price of a new PC when purchased from a qualifying Windows XP machine.

That's a better offer than before, as you save $100 instantly, provided you're making the purchase from a Windows XP machine. Alternately, you can march into a brick-and-mortar Microsoft Store with an XP system in tow to claim your discount on a new PC purchase. One thing to keep in mind, however, is that the new PC must cost at least $599.

Surface 2 Pro

In addition to the savings, you also get 90 days of free premium phone, chat, and sales support, along with free data transfer via Laplink, a data migration service that Microsoft teamed up with to encourage XP users to upgrade.

New to the promotion is Microsoft's Surface 2 Pro family starting at $899. As further incentive to upgrade, for one week only you can get a free Touch Cover when you buy a Surface. If you're keeping count, that's $100 discount, 90 days of premium support, free data migration, and a free Touch Cover. Not a bad deal.

More details are available at the Microsoft Store.