Microsoft Details Xbox One Entertainment App Collection For Launch Day

November 29th is officially within eyesight, and if you're someone who pre-ordered an Xbox One console, you're no doubt doing everything you can to soak up as much information in the weeks leading up to launch. Thankfully, Microsoft has anticipated the hunger for knowledge, and has published a guide that details what kinds of TV and entertainment apps will be available on launch day.

In addition to delivering live TV in every market where Xbox One will be sold, the company is also bringing premium, voice and gesture controlled TV and entertainment apps specifically designed for your living room. These apps have reportedly been built from the ground up uniquely for Xbox One, and A/V geeks will certainly appreciate the console's support of HDMI pass-through.

There's an eletronic program guide, Xbox Video, Hulu Plus, NFL, Bing Search, Amazon Instant Video, Crackle, The CW, ESPN, FX NOW, MUZU TV, Netflix, Redbox Instant, TED, Twitch, and plenty more. Plus, HBO Go is said to be "coming soon." We'll leave it to you to figure out where you're going to find all of that time needed to truly enjoy it.