Microsoft Cortana For Android Adds Notification Mirroring To Windows 10

It appears that Microsoft is looking to bring tighter integration between its Cortana digital assistant and Google's massively popular Android platform. Specifically, it appears Microsoft is adding Windows 10 notification mirroring to Cortana on Android, as some users have already reported noticing the feature.

One of the reports comes from a reddit forum member who notes that he's in the Cortana for Android test program, which gives him early access to features that may or may not be rolled out to the public. However, another user that isn't in the test program also saw the feature update after downloading the latest APK from

Cortana for Android
Source: reddit forum member jhoff80

This is something that Microsoft announced at the end of March. The Redmond outfit talked about being able to see missed calls, messages, low battery alerts, and other notifications from an Android phone on Windows 10, negating the need to whip your handset if you're in front of your PC. And if you dismiss a notification on one platform, it disappears from sight on the other.

It's a big step in the right direction, especially after Cortana for Android lost its "Hey, Cortana" functionality earlier this year in the U.S. market. By bringing mirrored notifications to Cortana for Android and Windows 10, Microsoft makes its digital assistant a little more relevant than it was before this feature update.

In any event, you should be able to enable this feature today, provided you're a Windows Insider. If not, word on the web is that it will roll out to the general public with Microsoft' Windows 10 Anniversary Update.