Microsoft Copilot Teams With Suno To Turn Your Ideas Into AI-Generated Songs, Try It Out

microsoft copilot suno hero
Microsoft Copilot will now be able to assist users in creating AI generated music, as the company looks to add as much functionality as possible to its AI companion. To accomplish this Microsoft is teaming up with Suno, a company that works on AI specifically designed to help people create music regardless of their musical skills (or lack thereof).

On the Bing blog post sharing the news Microsoft says that “through this partnership, people will have at their fingertips the ability, regardless of musical background, to create fun, clever, and personalized songs with a simple prompt.” Microsoft adds that “we believe that this partnership will open new horizons for creativity and fun, making music creation accessible to everyone.”

microsoft copilot suno body

Anyone looking to take this new feature for a spin can do so by visiting the Microsoft Copilot website on MIcrosoft's Edge browser. Once there look on the right hand side where there will be text that says “Plugins.” Click on this text and then scroll down until you find the Suno plugin, then click on the radio button to enable it. Once the plugin is enabled you’re ready to start prompting Copilot for the music you’d like to generate.

While the new feature is available for some right now, Microsoft says it will be “ramping up” over the coming weeks. There will undoubtedly be a lot of discussions about the possible impacts of this addition to Copilot, as there have been with other AI generated content. However, regardless of the direction of the conversation, Microsoft looks to be all in on an AI powered future.