Microsoft Commits To Monthly Xbox One Updates, Fixes, And Enhancements

While the Xbox-versus-PS4 push and pull endures, Microsoft is doing one thing that helps keep its customers happy and may bring in a few more: Constantly rolling out updates. The company has had an update each month since February, and Xbox Chief Phil Spencer tweeted that they’ll continue at least through October.

“We've worked through the feature list through October,” reads the post. “MUs will continue and features look good.” Xbox now has a feedback channel called Xbox Feedback that allows users to pitch things they want to see, thus ensuring that Xbox owners have a voice in new features that Microsoft gives them.

Phil Spencer Tweet

The most recent update for July, for example, includes Activity Feed for sharing and commenting; a greater ability to track friends’ activity and a tweaked friend status list; the ability to make mobile purchases using Xbox SmartGlass or; low battery notification; disabling notifications during a video; enabling 3D Blu-ray; and live TV listings for more countries.

Xbox One

None of the above are killer features, but taken together it’s an impressive list. Microsoft has a bad habit of releasing products that need updates, but in this case it seems more that Xbox is a platform that’s already great but has room to be even better.

This comes after Microsoft said its sales doubled after releasing a Kinect-free version of the system.