Microsoft Begins Preloading Windows 10 On Customer PCs Ahead Of Tomorrow's Launch

After all the hype, hoopla, and anticipation, tomorrow is the big day. We're of course talking about the initial roll out of Windows 10, which will be delivered to users in waves to ensure everything runs smoothly, and the beginning of a new era for Microsoft. In preparation for the big day, some users have reported around 3GB of downloaded Windows 10 installation files sitting dormant on their PCs.

There are multiple reports of users seeing a folder named $windows.~BT on their operating system partition, which for most people is going to be the C:\ drive (C:\$windows.~BT). While the contents haven't been confirmed, the size of the folder and timing of its appearance strongly suggests that Microsoft is pre-loading Windows 10 upgrades on some machines.

Windows 10

That doesn't mean those who have it will be upgraded early. The roll out is still scheduled for July 29, 2015, at for the Eastern time zone. Microsoft will begin upgrading machines at 12AM ET, which is 9PM PST on the west coast and still July 28. In any event, if you see the folder on your hard drive, there's a good chance you'll be one of the first in line to receive the upgrade.

Microsoft will do everything it can to ensure that Windows 10 gets off to a solid start. The company has a lot riding on Windows 10, which it previously said would be the last version of Windows ever. That's because Microsoft is switching to a Windows-as-a-Service (WaaS) model in which it will dole out security updates and feature upgrades on an ongoing basis, rather than one or two Service Packs followed by a new version in a few years.

Windows 10 is a free upgrade for the first year for anyone rocking a valid copy of Windows 7 or Windows 8. After that, you'll have to pay for a copy of Windows 10.