Microsoft Bans Consoles Running Leaked GTA V

When Vine emerged in order to give digital junkies the ability to share their lives six seconds at a time, we knew some strange videos would eventually surface. But, we can't say we ever expected anyone to have so much ample time that they'd sit around recording clips of an unreleased video game, and then spewing them all over the Internet. Oddly, that's exactly what has transpired, as a gentleman that somehow came across a leaked copy of Grand Theft Auto V has drawn a huge amount of attention by sharing clips of the actual gameplay prior to the title's street date.

Of course, leaks in an increasingly digital world aren't rare. Nearly every movie, record and video game in the past two or three years has managed to hit the 'net ahead of schedule. But in this case, there's a heavy price to pay -- at least for one that's probably a hardcore gamer. Microsoft has managed to pinpoint who exactly is doing the damage, and he has been banned from Xbox Live.

We suspect the ban will travel with his account, so if he ever attends to tap into the online Xbox realm again, he'll need a new attitude and a new identity. Honestly, he should probably be thankful that the punishment isn't more severe.