Microsoft Announces New .NET and Windows Phone SDKs

Microsoft has made clear that it'll be making huge efforts to equip developers with the tools they need to make a serious contribution to the SkyDrive ecosystem. As we've seen over the past few years, ecosystems matter much more, and raw tech specs matter much less. Particularly with Windows Phone, which lacks many key apps compared to iOS and Android, this is all the more imporant. Now, it's adding client-side SDKs targeting Windows 8, Windows Phone, JavaScript Web library, iOS and Android as well as made several enhancement to our REST APIs by removing file extension restrictions and also letting you upload full resolution pictures. It's also announcing the availability of new SDKs for .NET and Windows Phone 8.

The company's SDK will support IFTTT, and it'll allow users to (in theory) save favorited SoundCloud tracks to SkyDrive, a certain user's Instagram photos to SkyDrive, and each time you're tagged in a Facebook photo, that'll be saved in SkyDrive as well. There's also support for DocuSign, SoundGecko, and plenty more on the way. WP8 has a long way to go, but it's efforts like these that'll move it in the right direction.