Microsoft: 600 Million Windows 7 Licenses Sold to Date

Microsoft is getting ready to launch Windows 8, the company's next generation operating system that's been built from the ground up to play nice with today's touch-computing landscape, but what about Windows 7? In case anyone has forgotten, Windows 7 is a perfectly serviceable OS, just ask the millions of people using it. In a blog post today, Microsoft claims it's sold more than 600 million Windows 7 licenses to date.

The blog post was reiterating what Microsoft corporate vice president of OEM, Steven Guggenheimer, said during a keynote at Computex. Is the fact that so many people have embraced Windows 7 cause for concern as Microsoft gets ready to launch another OS? Not in Guggenheimer's eyes, who sees Windows 7 as the best path to Windows 8.

"This is the biggest launch time in Microsoft’s history," said Guggenheimer. "In addition to updating Windows client, Windows Server, phone and embedded platforms, there’s a massive wave of software and services coming to market that we think will delight customers, from Windows Azure, to Office 15, Xbox games, Skype and Bing."

It's also worth reminding that Microsoft kicked off its Windows Upgrade Offer, in which those who purchase a qualifying Windows 7 PC can upgrade to Windows 8 for $15.