Micron Launches New Category of Low Power DDR3 Solutions for Mobile Devices

It doesn't take a detective to figure out that today's mobile devices are getting smaller, slimmer, and more powerful, which means less room for heat dissipation and potentially lower battery life. To help with both of those side effects, Micron today introduced a new product category of low-power DDR3 solutions targeted at the tablet and ultra-thin markets. The company's new 2Gb (gigabit) and 4Gb DDR3Lm solutions are designed to sip less power while still offering high performance without jacking up prices, Micron says.

"Power reduction is becoming ever more critical in the fast growing ultra-thin markets. Micron's expertise with traditional PC memory requirements enables these markets to enjoy high performance targets and optimal cost efficiencies," said Robert Feurle, vice president for Micron's DRAM marketing. "The combination of our commitment to customer collaboration and dedication to leading the way in DRAM technologies has proven highly successful, and this new class of 30nm DRAM continues to deliver on that promise."

According to Micron, the first 2Gb DDR3Lm chips will provide up to 50 percent self-refresh power savings versus standard 2Gb DDR3L, and will do so without sacrificing performance whatsoever. The 4Gb DDR3Lm product will deliver the same optimized power efficiency as the 2Gb part.

Sampling of these chips has already begun with volume production scheduled for the second quarter of 2012.