Micron Has a Fully Functional DDR4 Module, Volume Production Slated for late 2012

DDR3 RAM is so ubiquitous, effective, and inexpensive that it’s sometimes easy to forget that there’s a new generation of memory coming. Actually, it’s coming quite soon; Micron announced that it has a polished DDR4 memory module that it’s been sampling, and volume production may begin before the end of the year for applications in 2013.

Micron’s module is based on 30nm technology and will result in RDIMMs, LRDIMMs, 3DS, SODIMMs and UDIMMs. For now, Micron has a 4Gb DDR4 x8 module (x16 and x32 components are coming), which should initially offer speeds of 2400 Mb/s. Eventually, the modules will hit 3200 Mb/s.

If you’re holding your breath for the first DDR4 kit for your next build, don’t. DDR4 will show up first in the enterprise space, and Micron thinks ultrathins and tablets will follow. Desktop kits are a long ways off.

In any case, the next generation of memory is on its way.