MHz Myth vs Fact, Watercooling, Super Heatsink and More!

Good morning all.  I can't believe we are gearing up for another hurricane here in NC.  I moved down here from NY about 5 months ago to find a more affordable place to live with a slower pace.  While those virtues hold true, I never expected to be dodging hurricanes and tornadoes on a regular basis.  Mother Nature is active this season and if all goes well, we'll keep dodging her fury.  At this point, I'm actually looking forward to Winter!

Debugging the Megahertz Myth Editorial @ CoolTechZone:

"Most, if not all, of you have read or been in heated debates over why or why not higher clocked microprocessors are better than their "comparable" competition. Just why is it that so many people stand behind their arguments about a 2.4GHz processor outperforming a 3.4GHz processor overall? Also, why do benchmarks sometimes show lower clocked processors beating higher clocked processors in some tests? I thought gigahertz and megahertz determined a processor's performance... Well, you'd be surprised if you are one who thought that."

Cooler Master Hyper 6 Heatsink Fan Review @ PCPerspective:

"Heat pipes work on the principle of evaporation and condensation. A working fluid (frequently distilled water) evaporates inside one end of the heat pipe (the hot-end) absorbing heat in the process. A partial vacuum inside the heat pipe allows the water to evaporate at low temperatures. Once formed, the water vapor diffuses from an area of high vapor pressure (where it is being generated) to the other end of the tube where the vapor pressure is lower."

Tapwave Zodiac 1 Review @

"Many people came up to me and questioned the unit's appearance. Some mistakenly thought it was a Gameboy and not a PDA. Who can blame them? The Zodiac looks like a portable gaming device and comes with a built in joystick with 360 degree capability. The joystick will be very useful in games such as Tony Hawk where learning the tricks of the trade and being able to manuever stunts will give you the edge. That's not the only surprise that you'll see when you a take a closer glance at the unit. It also includes four action buttons as well as two trigger buttons. According to Tapwave, " The Zodiac's 3.8 inch 16 bit display provides 4x the resolution of Nokia N-Gage and Nintendo GameBoy Advance." You won't see these types of graphics on your Gameboy anytime soon!"

Aesthetic Water Cooling Solutions: Zalman Reserator 1, ZM-WB2 Gold and ZM-GWB1 @ X-Bitlabs:

"So, the Zalman Reservoir 1 water-cooling system is not only a high-quality and finished product, boasting a completely noiseless operation and effective appearance, but it is also an excellent foundation for building your custom-made water-cooling system, which would add new features to those of Reservoir 1 proper."

A trio of PCI Express graphics cards compared @ The Tech Report:

"The RX600XT-PCIE and GV-RX60X128V are both based on ATI's RV380 GPU, while Albatron's Trinity PCX5900 uses NVIDIA's NV35 graphics chip. Unlike RV380, which is a native PCI Express chip, NV35 was built with AGP in mind. NV35 must be paired with NVIDIA's High Speed Interconnect (HSI) bridge chip in order to interface with a PCI Express x16 graphics slot, and there's been much discussion of whether that's an adequate implementation. At least as far as today's applications are concerned, it's unlikely that ATI's native PCI Express implementation will offer tangible performance benefits over NVIDIA's HSI bridge chip."

That's all for now, but we'll be back soon!

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