A Meteor Lake Laptop Breaks Cover At Retail Ahead Of Intel's Next-Gen CPU Launch

708px book 3 ultra
With Intel's upcoming Meteor Lake-based mobile processors launching soon, various design wins are started to leak. This time, an upcoming Samsung laptop was spotted -- the Galaxy Book 4 Ultra --featuring a Core Ultra 7 155H CPU and GeForce RTX 4050 graphics. Samsung’s new laptop will be the successor to the outgoing Galaxy Book 3 Ultra, which utilizes Intel’s previous generation Raptor Lake CPUs.

The full specs listed inthe leak also include 32GB of memory, a 1TB SSD, and a Samsung SDC4188 2800x1800 high-resolution display featuring a 120Hz refresh rate with touch functionality. The Core Ultra 7 155H featured in the upcoming Galaxy Book 4 Ultra is a high-end mobile CPU that is expected to debut with Intel’s new Meteor Lake lineup which will be officially announced next week. The chip will come with six P-cores, eight E-cores and two additional low-powered cores located on the SoC tile, with clock frequencies for the P-cores of 3.8GHz (base clock) and 5GHz (turbo).

Compared to its outgoing predecessor the Galaxy Book 3 Ultra, the next-gen machine largely has the same specifications, with the screen resolution, refresh rate, memory, storage, and even the discrete GPU being the same. The main upgrade the Galaxy Book 4 Ultra is getting is the new CPU platform, which should provide a healthy boost to battery life (and overall energy efficiency) compared to the Raptor Lake counterparts found in the Book 3 Ultra based on what we know about Meteor Lake.

If the Galaxy Book 3 Ultra line-up is any indicator, the Galaxy Book 4 will likley be offered in a variet of configurations. The Galaxy Book 3 Ultra had a few different versions, including options for either a Core i9-13900H or i7-13700H and GPU options featuring an RTX 4050 or RTX 4070 (no 4060 option, strangely). Memory options also varied, with the Book 3 Ultra coming in either 16GB or 32GB RAM configurations. Based on this it's easy to guess that the Galaxy Book 4 will probably feature an RTX 4070 option in the future, as well as more powerful CPU options.

Meteor Lake is Intel’s next-generation CPU architecture, which will feature ahybrid CPU configuration and a tile-based design. Meteor Lake's tiles will feature different components on different dies. Beyond this, Intel is also leveraging more advanced process nodes and packaging technologies with Meteor Lake, which should increase its energy efficiency, and somewhat increase performance versus the outgoing Raptor Lake and Raptor Lake Refresh parts.

Meteor Lake-powered laptops are expected to be announced on December 14th. By then Samsung may reveal the Galaxy Book 4 Ultra and its official specifications, along with the rest of Intel’s partners and their associated Meteor Lake-powered laptops.