Meta's 2nd Gen Ray-Ban Glasses Get A Smart Upgrade With Multimodal AI

meta ray ban hero
Meta is expanding on its collaboration with Ray-Ban by introducing new styles into the collection alongside improvements to Meta AI. The company says that these new styles will provide more options to better fit different face shapes, making it easier for prospective buyers to find a pair of glasses that works for them. These options will first become available in 15 countries that include the United States, Canada, and across Europe.

Of the newly added styles Meta is highlighting include the Skyler and Headliner frames. According to Meta, the Skyler style “feature a cat eye design inspired by an era of iconic jet-set style, designed to suit smaller faces.” Meanwhile, the Headliner style is a low bridge option for those who often find that glasses slide down, press against their cheeks, or sit too low. There will also be a limited edition set of glasses with a Scuderia Ferrari colorway, which will become available starting today.

meta ray ban body

Moreover, glasses will also be receiving important updates to the AI that comes onboard. Meta will begin rolling out multimodal AI, which it began testing in December of last year. This will allow users to interact with their glasses in a more natural way, letting them ask the AI questions about whatever happens to be in view and receive helpful responses. This new feature will make its way out to all users in the United States and Canada as a beta.

Meta has been smart to realize that it needs different options for users when it comes to augmented and mixed reality. Realistically, glasses such as these are more likely to be the future of this technology, as most users don’t want to be in a closed off experience such as that offered by their Quest line of headsets.