Meta Unveils A Quest 3 Headset Bundle Starting At $25 Per Month

meta quest3 bundle hero
Meta is looking to entice potential VR customers by offering its Quest 3 headset in a bundle that can be had for as low as $25 a month. The bundle includes the Meta Quest 3 headset, 2 years of its Meta Quest+ service, and extended warranty coverage with Meta Warranty Plus. At $25 a month users will get the Quest 3 sporting 128GB of storage, while the 512GB model will bump the price up to $35 a month.

By going this route interested buyers are paying less with this bundle than buying everything individually. The best part is the inclusion of the Meta Quest+ service, which gives users two new games every month that can continue to be accessed so long as the subscription remains active. The added warranty is also a nice touch that should ease the mind of buyers worried about needing to tackle any potential repairs.

meta quest3 bundle body

Meta looks to be taking a page right out of the Xbox playbook with this bundle option. Xbox has been offering Xbox All Access for a few years now, which currently includes a bundle of Xbox Series S or Xbox Series X hardware alongside Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. Meta even kept pricing roughly the same as what Xbox offers its customers.

For those interested in the Quest 3 headset but don’t want to be tied down with monthly payments, savings can still be had—it's on sale for $429 at Walmart, which is a $71 discount.

With this move Meta is offering an accessible way to jump into its ecosystem, as the company looks to grow its userbase. It’s growth that Meta, and the VR space as a whole, needs in order to justify continued investment in the hardware and software that powers the VR experience.