Mercedes-AMG E53 Hybrid Tops 600HP To Go From 0-60 MPH In Just 3.7 Seconds

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Mercedes-Benz and its AMG (Aufecht, Melcher, and Großaspach) performance arm has introduced new plug-in hybrid versions of its venerable E-class. Packing more than 600 horsepower, AWD, a 0-60 mph time of just 3.7 seconds, 40 miles in EV mode, and a top speed of 174 miles per hour, this car, especially in family-swallowing wagon form, might help sway your significant other into parking an E53 Hybrid on your driveway. Just be ready to pay up for the privilege, though.

mercedes amg e 53 hybrid 2024 wagon
2025 Mercedes-AMG E53 Hybrid sedan (left) and Wagon (right)

As the 2025 model year Mercedes-AMG E53 Hybrid name implies, Mercedes is ready to bring electrification even to its big-selling AMG E-series, but mercifully isn't sending those brawny, pavement-tearing AMG ICE engines the way of the dodo just yet. In fact, the E53 Hybrid not only sports a very respectable electric motor (161 hp, 354 lb-ft), its six-cylinder fossil fuel-burning pairing (443 hp, 413 lb-ft) is more powerful than the outgoing 2023 E53 (429 hp, 384 lb-ft). The two motors combined bring the system output to a cool 576 hp and 553 lb-ft of pull. Activate the optional Race Start mode adds nearly 30 horses to the mix if you think 576 hp isn't enough bragging right, for 604 hp total.

Race Start mode also helps the car drop the E53's 0-60 mph times to 3.5 seconds. Opting out of that brings the time down to about 4 seconds flat, which matches the 2023 E53. While no official fuel consumption or range figures have been released, AMG has said that in EV mode, it wants the car to hit at least a 62-mile WLTP (Worldwide Harmonized Light Vehicles Test Procedure) range out of its 21.2 kWh battery pack, which means EPA figures will probably factor to roughly 40 miles. The company also says that the car is capable of 87 mph top speed in EV mode. Impressive, but you can expect the range to take a major hit.

mercedes amg e 53 hybrid 2024

As with any AMG product, one can expect the sedan and wagon to be more muscular, with wider tracks, larger and deeper bumper maws, quad tailpipes, spoilers, and subtle AMG badging and touches in and out. Price is still undetermined, but with the 2023 E53 sedan costing around $83,000, expect the this Hybrid to cost more thanks to inflation and loads more tech options. Deliveries in the US are expected to happen in Q3 of 2024.
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