Memorial Day Deals In Full Swing From TVs To Nintendo Switch, iPads And More

Retailers never miss an opportunity to draw in customers with tantalizing discounts, and Memorial Day weekend presents yet another occasion for a deals event. As such, there are bargains to be had on a wide range of electronics, everything from big screen TVs with smart features built in, to tablets and games. We've rounded up some of the more interesting ones.

If you are looking to upgrade your TV (or adopt a new one for your home), you will find several options. Some of the best deals happen to be in the 55-inch range. That represents a noticeable bump in size versus a 32-inch TV, without the price hikes that accompany 65-inch and larger sets. Here are a few worth checking out...
You can also find a whole bunch of Samsung TVs on sale over at Walmart, including its higher end QLED models.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Unfortunately, it doesn't look like there are any major (or even minor) bargains on Nintendo Switch consoles, but there are deals to be had on some games. Here's a look at some...
While none of the games are cheap, Nintendo is historically stingy with discounts, so we'll take what we can get. All of the above are big releases that normally retail for $59.99.

Apple iPad

Outside of TVs and games, there are discounts to be had on Apple iPad tablets and a range of headphones and earbuds. Check these out...
If you spot a good deal that's not listed, let us know. Otherwise, happy savings. And of course we'd be remiss not to mention what Memorial Day is really about. While it sometimes gets lost in the shuffle of sales and obligatory long weekend cookouts, we're forever grateful to those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom.