Amazon Memorial Day Sale Brings Huge Deals On Sony Audio, Video And Camera Gear

hero sony bluetooth speaker
Considering how the company is arguably best known for its TVs and game systems these days, it's easy to forget that Sony made its mark in the field of audio. Indeed, the very name of the company comes partially from the Latin "sonus", meaning sound. Sony's running a big pile of Memorial Day deals right now, and if you're keen on speakers, soundbars, some nice TVs, or other electronic gadgets, we may just have a deal for you. Let's start off with some bluetooth speakers.

sony ult speaker
Sony ULT Field 1 IP67 Bluetooth Speaker, $98 at Amazon (25% off)

Sony has a solid selection of Bluetooth speakers on steep discounts for the holiday. First up is this ULT Field 1 compact speaker that offers 12-hour battery life and a one-button bass boost if that's your preference. It includes a "sound diffusion processor" that Sony says can "fill up any space with sound." It's available in four colors: black, white, "forest gray," and a bright orange. It's rated for an output power of 20 watts, which is going to produce quite a lot of sound for such a small device.

sony srs xe300 speaker
Sony SRS-XE300 X-Series Party Speaker, $148 at Amazon (26% off)

This SRS-XE300 Bluetooth speaker is also IP67 rated, meaning it's water-, dust-, and shock-proof, and it advertises a line-shaped diffuser to help it fill a large area with sound rather than using digital signal processing. It includes a microphone with echo cancellation, and it supports up to a 24-hour battery life. It's available in white, black, or teal, as seen above.

sony srs xg300 speaker
Sony SRS-XG300 X-Series Bluetooth Party Speaker, $198 at Amazon (43% off)

The top end of the Bluetooth speakers on sale today, the XG300 offers all of the features available on the previous two models but also adds a 3.5mm audio jack for wired input, an even longer 25-hour battery life, and the ability to charge an external device via a USB-A port. Sony says the "X-Balanced speakers provide power, clarity, and distortion-free sound," which we'd hope, considering the list price on this thing is $349.99.

sony s100f soundbar
Sony S100F 2.0 Home Audio Sound Bar, $98 on Amazon (25% off)

If you'd like sound more suited for the inside of your home, how about this affordable Sony S100F two-channel soundbar with bass reflex ports, both wired and Bluetooth inputs, and its own remote control. Setup is simple using HDMI ARC, and Sony says it offers 120 watts of output power—more than enough to make your ears hurt.

sony a5000 soundbar
Sony HT-A5000 5.1.2 Dolby Atmos Sound Bar, $748 on Amazon (25% off)

For folks with more discerning audio tastes, there's this HT-A5000 sound bar which is a decidedly more upmarket device. This sound bar essentially also serves as an audio receiver and amplifier for a full 5.1.2 setup, but you'll need to provide the rest of the speakers yourself. There's a bundle with a 300W subwoofer for $1,346.

sony bravia x93l
Sony Bravia XR X93L 65" 4K Mini-LED TV, $1598 on Amazon (20% off)

Of course, we couldn't write up some Sony deals without pointing out some discounted TVs. This is an excellent price on what is widely regarded as one of the finest TVs on the market today: a Sony Bravia X93L in 65". This TV offers lots of gaming-specific features, particularly for PlayStation 5 players, like high-refresh-rate and VRR support. Thanks to the high peak brightness and Mini-LED backlight, it has deep blacks and excellent HDR performance.

sony bravia a80l
Sony Bravia XR A80L 55" 4K OLED TV, $1398 on Amazon (18% off)

While they may seem similar, this Bravia XR A80L is quite different from the TV above. Of course, there's the size; it's significantly smaller at 55", but it's also based on OLED technology instead of Mini-LED. This gives it even better contrast and HDR performance, although the brightness isn't nearly as high. It's still an excellent choice for either movie-watching or gaming, with absurdly low response time and input lag.

sony wh 1000xm4 headphones
Sony WH-1000XM4 Wireless Headphones, $248 on Amazon (29% off)

Finally, we have a few miscellaneous deals for you. There's this pair of WH-1000XM4 premium headhones that is a real steal at $248. Not only do they offer excellent audio quality thanks to their closed design with a pair of massive drivers, but they also offer 30 hours of battery life with quick charging; Sony says you can get five hours out of a ten-minute charge. They also include a microphone, and that allows you to make and receive calls using the headset.

sony zv1 vlog camera
Sony ZV-1 II Mirrorless Digital Vlogging Camera, $798 on Amazon (11% off)

Lastly, we have the Sony ZV-1 II, the successor to the popular ZV-1 camera targeted specifically at vloggers and content creators. If someone you know is an aspiring influencer, this fully mirrorless camera could be the perfect gift. It has a large 1" sensor and supports wide apertures up to F/1.8, allowing for perfect portrait framing. It supports 4K capture at 30 FPS, or 1080p capture at up to 120 FPS—not that popular video platforms support 120 FPS, yet. This is as cheap as this camera has ever been, so snag it if you're interested.