Meditations May Be The Most Brilliant Idea For Daily Gamers In 2019

If the thought of playing a small and very short new game each day piques your interest, Mediations my be a platform that will interest you. The person behind the idea is Rami Ismail, and the whole concept behind Meditations came to him in late 2017 when he found a small game called TEMPRES, something he calls a minimalist puzzle game. That small game took no longer than five minutes to figure out says Ismail.

meditation games

That experience kicked off a quest to sign up developers to create small games that are easy to pick up, figure out, and play with the Meditations launcher offering up a new title every day. Ismail signed up 350 developers with each developer asked to pick a day of the year that meant something to them or choose a random day and make something inspired by the day.

The rules for the developers were that the games had to be short: it should take no more than five minutes to complete, and have no text. Each game will be prefixed with a brief description, but that will be the only text the games have. Ismail says that some of the games are short, while some of them are a bit more complicated. He wrote, "Some meditations are light and curious. Other meditations might be sad or difficult, curious or introspective, personal or playful. Each day will allow you to explore another creators' work and thoughts."

The very first game, which launched yesterday, was TEMPRES, the game that inspired the project. Each new day brings a new game, and there is no way to know what game is coming or to replay the game via the Meditations launcher if you miss a day. Once the day has passed, the game is unavailable until next year. Ismail has said that a full list of the developers who worked on the project will be available on December 31, 2019.

All games the launcher offers have been tested for malicious content and the downloads for each game can be up to 500MB. There is no specific time promised for new daily games to be available. The Meditations launcher is available here for Windows 7 and higher and OSX 10.12+. None of these games are meant to consume your life and time the way a AAA release such as Red Dead Redemption 2 might.