Media center PCs finally poised for takeoff?

Citing a study by ABI Research, Eric from Ars Technica postulates that Media Center PCs may be about ready for prime time. Personally, a true Media Center PC is high on my priority list once the wife and I are completely settled in the new home, but the relative complexity and annoying DRM measures taken by the content providers may be a big turn off to less tech-savvy consumers.

"Before getting our first TiVo a couple of years ago, we were faced with a choice: either the world's best-known DVR or a media center PC. A home theater PC was attractive because of its versatility, but the thought of having a PC in the living room proved to be a turnoff to my better half, so the TiVo won out. Despite the inroads that HTPCs have made into the living rooms of the world, more traditional DVRs and cable set-top boxes are still far more popular. That may change over the next few years, according to a study by ABI Research."