Matrox TripleHead2Go - WOW On Three Panels, Impressive

Matrox has some pretty swank technology in their offerings, when it comes multi-monitor output and spanning for applications across multiple screens.  Those of you that are WOW junkies might want to check this out but break out the drool bucket before you go here...

Three Panel Spanning - World of Warcraft

"This is especially beneficial in areas such as CAD, GIS, 3D simulation, computer-aided design, security monitoring and process control, DCC and animation.TripleHead2Go is the only solution on the market to enable Surround Gaming by expanding supported 3D games across three displays and providing a much wider field of view (FOV). Three screens offer a totally immersive Surround Gaming experience. The panoramic view of the game fully engages your peripheral vision on the side displays, with the main point of focus on the center display. TripleHead2Go is compatible with many high end gaming and GPU solutions, including SLI."

On sale for around $252 - $285 right now, if you're looking for stocking-stuffer ideas that you can drop as subtle hints to your loved-ones.

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