Master Chief Is Back, Halo 4 Launches Today

For those fans of the franchise who have been marking off the days until Halo 4 would debut, you can put down the marker and run out to the nearest GameStop, where the game has been on sale since midnight.

The trailer for the new game is intense and gorgeous and sets up the story while leaving quite a bit of mystery, too. [SPOILER] After witnessing the mighty UNSC Infinity get sucked down into the gravitational pull of the Forerunner planet Requiem, Master Chief and AI bestie Cortana set out in search of the wreckage only to discover that there’s a new, frightening, non-Covenant force at work. Meanwhile, Cortana is going insane as her AI lifecycle is ending.

Halo 4

Microsoft expects Halo 4 to duke it out with Activision Blizzard’s Call of Duty: Black Ops II for the premier Xbox game of the holiday season.