This Massive 100-Inch Mini LED TV Is An Amazing 50% Off And More Great Deals

Hisense ULED 8 TV on a gray gradient background.
If you live by the mantra 'Go big or go home' when it comes to shopping for a TV, then you're going to go bananas over a huge discount on Hisense's 100-inch behemoth. Hisense took a machete and swiftly cut the price in half, putting it in semi-reasonable territory. And what's more, beyond just being a massive TV, it's also sporting some cutting edge technologies, not the least of which mini LED lighting.

The model that's on sale is Hisense's 100-inch ULED U8K, which you can find for $4,999.99 at Best Buy (save $5,000). It's also marked down at Amazon, though it's showing as "currently unavailable" (i.e., out of stock) at the time of this writing.

Hisense 100-inch ULED U8K TV sitting at an angle in a living room.
Hisense 100-Inch U8K mini LED TV

"The 'Upgrade Season Approved' U8K is larger than life and suited up with all the most advanced picture quality and gaming tech. Experience unmatched visual brilliance with up to 1500+ nits of peak brightness, 1600+ local dimming zones, IMAX Enhanced, Dolby Vision, Quantum Dot, and mini LED perfectly integrated with Hisense's ULED technology," Hisense states in a press release announcing the deep discount.

It also comes with amenities such as a built-in 50W 2.1.2 multi-channel sound system, full array local dimming (FALD), AMD FreeSync Premium support, a variable 48Hz to 144Hz refresh rate and auto-low latency mode via HDMI 2.1 connectivity, and the Google TV platform for smart chores.

Granted, it's still not a cheap TV. But it's half the price of Samsung's 98-inch Neo QLED TV ($9,999.99, on sale from $14,999), and a fraction of the cost of LG's 97-inch Signature M3 Series OLED TV ($29,999.96) and the absolutely bonkers Samsung 110-inch Micro LED TV ($149,999.99). There's a little bit of apples to oranges going on with a coupe of those comparisons (mini LED versus OLED and micro LED), but the 98-inch Samsung Neo QLED is a mini LED TV.

If that's too rich for your blood, you can go smaller for much less...
TCL QM8 TV on a gray gradient background.

Hisense is not the only game around when it comes to mini LED backlighting. There are multiple players pumping out mini LED TVs, which has pushed pricing down in general. To wit, you can nab a 65-inch TCL QM8 QLED mini LED TV for $849.89 at Amazon (save $850.10).

That's a great value for a high-end TV. The QM8 series is TCL's flagship TV line and it offers intense brightness, up to 2,300 local dimming zones, up to 2,000 nits of peak brightness, a native 120Hz refresh rate, robust HDR support (HDR10, HDR10+, HLG, and Dolby Vision), Dolby Atmos support, FreeSync Premium support, and more.

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