Mash Blackberrys And Palms With Your Dumb Phone

Hey look, just in time to get Thanksgiving recipes from faraway mom: Berggi announces e-mail service for your cheap, dumb cellphones.  

Babur Ozden, the head of Berggi Inc., said his company plans to offer a simplified alternative to the Blackberry e-mail delivery service from Canada's Research In Motion Ltd., which dominates the mobile professional market. Berggi aims to offer messaging services for basic mobile phones, which still represent two-thirds of the U.S. mobile market. Users of Blackberry or rival e-mail services on Palm or Microsoft software need more expensive "smart" phones. Consumers can send and receive e-mail on their phones from Internet services such as Yahoo, Microsoft or Google, along with popular instant-messaging services. Berggi delivers any text in the body of an e-mail, but not document attachments.

According to the article, at least two-thirds of the US market still has a low cost "dumb" phone. You can tell who the other third are; their thumbs are all swollen.

Read the whole thing here.  

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