Nintendo’s Mario Kart Live Looks Like The Ultimate Killer App For Addictive Augmented Reality Gaming

mariokart hero
Nintendo is bringing Mario Kart into your living room, but not in the way you’d expect. With the new Mario Kart Live Home Circuit set, you can design and play on tracks in your home with the power of augmented reality. It is as simple as setting up the race gates and running the track with your kart. You can then enjoy it and play against AI or friends who also have a kart from the set.

This is the sort of toy I wish I had when I was young. While racing cars on a grooved track is awesome, being put into the video game from real life is even better. With ease, your room, house, or any open space can become a racetrack in Mario Kart. To set things up, you use the four included gates and arrows to “build” your track as complex as you wish. Inside the Mario Kart Live game, you drive through the gates in order and then customize the aesthetic to your liking. After that, you race around the track in 50 to 200cc modes as well as use traditional Mario Kart items, like the banana peel.

Furthermore, if up to three other friends also have the set and a Nintendo Switch device, they will be able to join you in your race at home. Inside the set, you will get a Mario or Luigi kart, four gates, two arrows and a charging cord. It will be available starting October 16th and will likely cost around $100. This augmented reality game could be the hot toy of the holiday season, so keep an eye out for it in stores near you.