Manufacturers Planning To Include SDXC Readers In Upcoming Laptops

If you've bought a laptop recently, chances are good it has an integrated SDHC flash memory card reader. Today, the SDHC standard is pretty commonly used in various devices including digital cameras, camcorders, MP3 players, and many other devices. By integrating SDHC card readers into laptops, manufacturers have made the standard even more convenient to use since you don't have to carry an external reader to download and upload files from a memory card.

Like all other technologies however, SDHC is in the process of being replaced by a newer, faster standard called SDXC. The SDXC standard was announced earlier this year but is not expected to replace SDHC until sometime in 2010. The new standard is able to support speeds as high as 300MB/s and capacities as large as 2TB. Thankfully, the SDXC standard is backwards compatible with SDHC, SD, and MMC memory cards.

As one should expect, laptop manufacturers are jumping on board with the new format as well. In fact, DailyTech is reporting that Lenovo, HP, and Dell are actively working on laptops with SDXC support. At this time, no information is available from Apple as to when the company will jump on board the SDXC bandwagon. The first products that will use SDXC are expected to be shown at the upcoming 2010 CES trade show in January.