Rear To Ear: Dude Accidentally Eats AirPod, Poops It Out And It Still Works

A Taiwanese man, Ben Hsu, fell asleep wearing a set of AirPods wireless earphones from Apple. Somehow he allegedly managed to swallow one AirPod in his sleep. When he woke up and tried to find the missing earphone, the man says he used his iPhone tracking feature to look for it. That's when things got weird...

X-Ray With AirPod In man's body

Hsu claims that he first thought the beeping sound was coming from his bed and he moved the sheets all around, looking for the missing device. He says that he later realized the beeping was coming from his body somewhere. He then decided to head to Kaohsiung Municipal United Hospital where doctors did confirm he actually swallowed the AirPod

The medical team gave the man a laxative and sent him on his way, telling him if the AirPod didn't pass naturally, he would need surgery to remove it. The medical staff told him that he really should through his excrement to ensure that the device had passed. Hsu said he was't feeling any discomfort during the entire process, thankfully. He says that the AirPod passed when he went to the bathroom at a train station.

Apple Airpods 700px
Hsu says that he found the Apple gadget in his stool (yuck!) and retrieved it from the public toilet at the train station. He then washed it off and discovered it still worked just fine and had 41% charge left. Doctors said that if the man had swallowed a lithium battery alone, he would have needed surgery as the battery could have perforated his intestines.

However, the plastic case around the AirPod prevented the battery from touching his intestine walls. There is no word on if Hsu plans to keep using his AirPod after its hair-raising trip through his body.

In other, less disgusting AirPods news, Apple canceled the AirPower wireless charging for the iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods last month.