The Dog Ate My AirPods, Conan O’Brien Rips On Slip-Prone Apple AirPod Design In Hilarious TBS Ad

Dog Eating AirPods

You can always count on comedians to be ready to pounce whenever Apple comes out with a new iPhone design, and with the recently announced iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, the Cupertino outfit made it all too easy. As you're probably well aware by now, Apple decided to nix the standard 3.5mm audio jack from its new iPhones in favor of going wireless with a set of Bluetooth AirPods (sold separately, of course), or you can use its proprietary Lightning connector. Well, Conan O'Brien used the decision as an opportunity to throw shade at Apple in a spoof advertisement that's reminiscent of the silhouette iPod commercials from back in the day.

The ad features dancing bodies all in black against different color backgrounds. But what starts off as a seemingly whimsical demonstration of Apple's new AirPods, which the ad describes as "Wireless. Effortless. Magical." quickly takes a turn for the worse. Just 8 seconds into the spoof, the noticeably white and wireless AirPods pop out of a dancing dude's ears and onto the ground.

"Ah!," the guy proclaims, before instinctively putting a hand to his ear. Queue the laughter.

Turns out he got off easy. The very next scene has the same thing happening to a female dance, only her AirPods bounce off the sidewalk and through the grate of a city drain. Score one for Leonardo and the rest of the mutant ninja gang. Unfortunately for the woman, she's next shown handing over several $20 bills to a vendor selling the pricey AirPods (they retail for $159!).

Rinse and repeat until in one scene the silhouette of a dog wanders through the screen and snatches up an AirPod from the floor, which joins a growing pile that sits in his belly.

It's a funny spoof, but should iPhone 7 owners be concerned? Apple CEO Tim Cook doesn't think so. During an appearance on Good Morning America earlier this week, Cook claimed he's never had a set of AirPods pop out of his ears. Just the opposite, he said the AirPods are less prone to falling out because the lack of wires pulling them down.

Apple AirPods Money

"I’ve been on treadmills, walking, doing all the things you normally do," Cook said. "You know how you walk around with the earbuds and they’re constantly getting caught on something? You never have that problem."

Time will tell if Conan's skit turns out to be more than a spoof. The iPhone 7 is available now, but the AirPods don't go on sale until next month.