Disgruntled Apple Store Patron Destroys Thousands Of Dollars In iPhones And Macs In Calculated Rampage

apple store rampage
The customer is always right; or at least that’s a mantra that is usually tossed around at U.S. retail establishments. Perhaps that isn’t the case in France, as one Apple Store patron decided to go on a calm, yet destructive rampage after he claimed that he was not treated fairly by the staff.

According to eyewitness reports, the man complained that “Apple is a company that violated European consumers' rights.” He also claimed that Apple wouldn’t offer him a refund, although it is not exactly clear what he was trying to return or for what reason.

Whatever the case, this perceived slight was enough to send the man over the edge, as he placed a metal ball into a gloved hand and began to smash Apple merchandise in a cool and calculated manner. There have been plenty of instances of customers going bonkers in retail establishments, destroying merchandise in the process, but this is probably the most “chill” criminal that you’ll ever see.

In the first video, the man can be seen removing iPhones from their upright stands, laying them flat on the table, and then smashing their screens with the metal ball. After smashing the iPhones, the man can be seen walking deeper into the store where there’s visible evidence that at least four iMacs had their displays smashed. In a final act of destruction, the man slams the metal ball into an open MacBook.

It is at this time that a mall security guard steps onto the scene to escort the man out of the store. In a second video, the man can be seen arguing with security guards, who remain remarkably restrained until they eventually get fed up and carry him out through a mall corridor.

It’s been reported that tens of thousands of euros in hardware was damaged, so we’re quite certain that the man won’t ever receive his refund and he will instead be owing Apple. And it should be noted that while the screen smashing spree was taking place within the Apple Store, employees and other customers stood calmly by and did not intervene. Had this happened in the United States, it’s quite possible that the man would have been clotheslined by another customer relatively quickly.