Man Claims Exploding Droid 2 Injured Ear

A Cedar Hill, Texas resident claims that his brand-new Motorola Droid 2 exploded next to his ear, when he was trying to make a call. Aron Embry reported hearing a "popping sound" come from his Droid 2, although he felt no pain at first. He did, however, being feeling blood dripping onto his neck.

Embry then drove to his wife Kara's place of work, where pictures were taken before heading for the ER. Embry was in the emergency room for several hours, and received four stitches in his left ear. Although not experiencing any hearing loss, Embry does not have health insurance, and hopes for help from Motorola.

Motorola is investigating the incident. A cell phone repairman interviewed for the local TV station's story cast doubt on the incident, saying he'd never heard of an exploding cell phone. Evidently, he spends too much time fixing phones to read any tech sites.

On the other hand, that doesn't mean this is a valid case. Hopefully, Motorola's forensics experts can figure it all out. Watch the local video report below.