Major Halo 5 Expansion Pack ‘Warzone Firefight’ Arrives Next Week, Free Play Promotion Locked And Loaded

2016 has been a great year for Halo 5: Guardians so far, as it's received five great content updates which have included new game modes, new maps, and of course, new REQs to seek out. The next update, though, called Warzone Firefight, looks like it will be the biggest of the eight updates released so far.

As we teased about a couple of months ago, this particular update includes a new multiplayer mode called Warzone Firefight. As its name implies, Warzone Firefight is a fork of Warzone, which means that the huge maps you've come to appreciate are going to be featured here. The mechanics behind the mode are quite different, though.

Halo 5 Warzone Fight

It's important to note that Warzone Firefight is a co-op mode, which allows up to 8 players to accomplish 5 major goals - all which must be done within a time-limit, of course!

In addition to the new multiplayer mode, 343 also introduces a campaign update to let friends compete against each other to achieve the highest scores in campaign missions. It's not clear at this point how points will be tabulated, but the company does note that this can be done in co-op, so that could very well be the best way to score the most points.

Halo 5 Warzone Fight Contents

Other things packed into this update include three new multiplayer maps, Attack on Sanctum, Prospect, and Molten, and a new canvas for the Forge mode, Tidal (perfect those with an impossible thirst to quench). Of course, no update would be complete without a slew of new REQ items, so those are here, too. Get ready to grind for Cinder and Cyclops armor sets as well a Covenant vehicle and weapon variants.

To celebrate the launch of Warzone Firefight, 343 is going to be offering the entire Halo 5 game for free for one week after launch (which is June 29). At the same time, the game will be made available for 50% off, so if you've been on the fence about picking the game up, it looks like the Guardians are looking out for you.