Magic Leap CEO Rebuffs 'Grumpy Mouse Tech Bloggers' And Promises AR Revolution

We reported late this week that Magic Leap's seriously impressive augmented reality teaser posted earlier this year was completely faked, which didn't strike too much people as a surprise. Even so, the company led people to believe that it was a genuine demo, when in fact 100 percent of it was created by a special effects firm.

Screen capture of Magic Leap 'demo'

Despite this revelation, Magic Leap's CEO Rony Abovitz is ignoring the debacle to focus on the future. In a new post on Magic Leap's website, Abovitz says that his company completed its first "product equivalent" headset, which means that a consumer-ready version can now be built. Further, he says that there's a lot of validation and testing going on right now, so essentially, we're given the hint that these things take time.

Following the doubt of his product that hit the Web, Abovitz took to Twitter to assure us that Magic Leap is going to be a huge deal in the future. He also calls our "grumpy" tech bloggers that haven't shown faith in the product:

Abovitz goes on to say that's "what's coming next" is going to be the "best part" of Magic Leap, although no hard or tentative dates are suggested.

At this point, we have no choice but to just continue waiting and see if Magic Leap can deliver on its promises. The company has a huge amount of funding to make its dream become a reality, and based on what we've seen in the past, we definitely would love to see this ambition fulfilled.