Machine Hallucinations Exhibit Showcases AI Acid Trip On Gorgeous LG OLED Displays

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How we both create and view art is being changed right before our very eyes. Along with artificial intelligence (AI), LG OLED displays are being used to change the very landscape of the art world.

When one thinks about an art exhibit, the images of exquisite paintings hanging on walls come to mind. Artist Refix Anadol has taken a slightly different approach to his art in that he does not use paints or canvas to bring his art to life. Instead he employs the use of digital pigmentation and light through fluid solver algorithms with the aid of AI and then displays it on OLED screens.

Anado's exhibition Machine Hallucinations: Nature Dreams is currently on display at the Konig Galerie in Germany. He is a pioneer in the world of digital art and crypto collectibles, and became the first to mint a fully immersive digital artwork NFT in September 2021. Anadol developed a method of creating art through data-driven machine learning algorithms. Nature Dreams takes datasets and turns them into latent multi-sensory experiences that celebrates the beauty of the earth.

Do not think that this method of art is easier than the traditional method of painting. Anadol took around 300 million images of nature over a three year period before being able to produce the art that is currently on display. His describes OLEDs as his canvas as a "new canvas that allows all artists working in this digital space to form their digital paintings in the highest quality, to the highest standard and with the best presentation."

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There are a dozen 77-inch OLEDs arranged both vertically and horizontally throughout the exhibit. They express everything from floral patterns to the contours of satellite imagery. OLEDs allow the deepest of blacks and the most vivid of colors to be displayed in amazing detail as it captures the true inspiration of the artist who created them. Anadol explains, "One of the reasons why I'm extremely happy and satisfied with using OLED in my work is it has perfect black and self-emissive technology. And, because of the natural concept of the project, it can show an enormous gamut of color and clarity in the experience."

Anadol and his team collected data from digital archives and publicly available resources. They then processed the millions of images with machine learning classification models. Those sorted image datasets were then placed into thematic categories in an attempt to better understand the "sematic context of the universe." Konig Galerie describes this method of artwork as revealing, "the aesthetic outcomes of his research into the intersection of human consciousness, archives of nature, and machine intelligence."

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While misplaced acid-inducing memories of Woodstock may come to mind for some while taking it all in, Nature Dreams is a trip unto itself. Its use of LG OLED displays to bring the artist's imagination to life is truly stunning in both detail and vibrancy. As Anadol noted, we are all "excited to explore and find uncharted territories of imagination with OLED."