Mac Clone-Maker Psystar Files For Bankruptcy

You remember Psystar, don't you? How could you not, right? The company famous (or should we say infamous?) for forging ahead with production on Mac clones even as lawsuits from Apple piled up has finally caved, but not to Apple. No, it has caved to the pressures of financing a business.

According to a new report up at The Mac Observer, the company -- which engineered stylish PCs that were sold with Apple's OS X operating system -- filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in Florida late last week. If you're wondering why all the hubbub, it's that no third-party PC maker is allowed to sell hardware with Apple's OS X operating system. Only Apple is allowed to sell machines with OS X, and Psystar went ahead and did so knowingly. The two companies have been at each other's throats for months on end, and while Psystar did manage to ship a few machines to a few lucky users, we never heard that it was shipping products en masse.

In a meeting with irony that would only be fitting here, this filing has actually slowed down Apple's legal case against it, and honestly, we have all ideas the tussle will end with Psystar shutting its doors for good. After all, if it can't pay to keep the lights on, how will pay for lawyers?  We're told that a Florida court will hold a hearing on June 5th where its equity creditors will be revealed, which may in fact may be the most interesting part of this whole scenario. If fat-walleted backers have been keeping the company afloat, it'll sure be interesting to see who they are.

At present time, Psystar is still offering Mac clones for sale on its website, but take it from us -- don't whip out your credit card.