Low-Cost Windows Phones Coming As Blu And China’s K-Touch Team With Microsoft

Microsoft successfully acquired Nokia’s mobile unit and thus brought the vast majority of Windows Phone handsets under one roof, but that doesn’t mean Redmond isn’t branching out to other manufacturers. Both U.S.-based Blu and China’s K-Touch will be developing Windows Phone handsets in the future.

Microsoft China
Credit: Livesino via All About Windows Phone

Blu posted a photo on its Facebook page last month teasing the Windows Phone release. The image was of a handset that looked a lot like a Moto G (complete with a colorful shell) with a Windows logo on it, and Blu called it a “sneak peak”.

Blu windows phone

All About Windows Phone tracked down a translated Chinese site (Livesino) wherein vice president of Microsoft China Zhang Yongli confirmed that Blu is indeed in the Windows Phone ecosystem and announced that K-Touch is as well.

It’s unclear where the phones will launch, but a lot of the effort here is aimed at developing countries. Today’s announcement brings the total number of OEMs working on Windows Phone devices to 17, including Lenovo, Huawei, Foxconn, LG, Samsung, and HTC.