Look Ma, No Cables! MSI's Cable-Free Fans Give Off Cool Vibes For Clean Builds

MSI EZ120 ARGB fans (white and black)
Most high-end PC components assume you want to show off—cases have windows, everything is crawling with RGB, and there are even connectors that make it easier to hide your cables. What if there aren't any cables, though? MSI has released a new PC case fan system that does away with cables. Well, almost—there are definitely fewer cables, and that could mean the difference between a clean case and a jumbled mess.

The MPG EZ120 ARGB comes in either a one or three-pack, but three is probably the way to go if you want to take advantage of the neat magnetic interlocking design. While MSI calls the EZ120 "cable-free," there is actually one cable that links a fan on the end to the system or fan hub. The other two won't add to the clutter, though.

Each fan has a JAF 7-pin header and magnetic connector blocks. These inserts lock the fans together in a single block and connect them to power and data. So, two of your three fans in this system are cable-free, which is better than none. MSI notes the MPG EZ120 ARGB also sports a whopping 33 LEDs spaced around the frame and blades for even lighting.

MSI's Project Zero chassis at CES included several banks of the new fans.

The fans themselves are also designed for the discerning PC builder, with a new type of fluid dynamic bearing for reduced vibration and noise. The copper core also ensures the blades continue to spin for years to come, whether you're just using the MPG EZ120 ARGB as case fans or to cool a liquid cooling radiator.

The MPG EZ120 ARGB made an appearance at CEO 2024 when MSI showed off its Project Zero cases and motherboards. The cases have big windows and the motherboards use rear-facing connectors to make it easier to hide cables. So, naturally, fans that reduce the number of cables are preferable here.

MSI's MPG EZ120 ARGB fans (white and black) on a gray gradient background.

While the MPG EZ120 ARGB fans are now official, there's no word on availability. Neither MSI's online store nor third-party retailers have the fans for sale just yet, but the listing is live on MSI's site. The three-pack of fans will cost $119, and a single add-on is $39. You can register to be notified when the fans are available.
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