Lonestar's Mission To Build Data Centers On The Moon Just Got A $5 Million Boost

hero lonestar data base on moon
Lonestar Data Holdings Inc. has cleared a key financing milestone for placing data centers on the Moon, as it secures $5 million in oversubscribed seed financing. The company successfully completed data storage and edge processing testing as part of the first-ever software-defined payload sent to the International Space Station in February of last year.

Lonestar first announced its contracts with Intuitive Machines and Skycorp on April 19, 2022. The contract included launching a series of data centers to the lunar surface, as well as contracting for the first two missions to the Moon and for the build of its first data services payload. Lonestar views the Moon as the "ideal location to serve the premium segment of the $200 billion global data storage industry," as well as being able to address key environmental and growing biosphere concerns. The latest round of funding, led by Scout Ventures, will allow Lonestar to launch a series of data centers to the lunar surface in 2023.

three lonestar data banks on moon illustration

"We are thrilled to have completed this successful seed round and are sincerely grateful for the support and vision of our investors," remarked Chris Stott, CEO of Lonestar.

The company believes that expanding the world's economy to incorporate the Moon is the next "whitespace in the New Space Economy," according to Scout Venture's Founder and Managing Partner, Brad Harrison. Harrison continued by saying, "Data security and storage will be a necessary part of leading the new generation of lunar exploration."

Stott referred to data as the greatest currency created by the human race. He explains that humans are dependent upon it for nearly everything we do and is far too important to us as a species to remain stored in Earth's fragile biosphere. He, and others, believe that the Moon presents the best place for storing data in the future, as it is Earth's largest satellite.

"Our turnkey solution for delivering, communicating, and commanding customer payloads on and around the Moon is revolutionary," remarked Steve Altemus, President, and CEO of Intuitive Machines.

The latest successful round of funding will help the team at Lonestar to expedite its growth and expand its offerings to meet the needs of its clients worldwide, according to a company blog post.