Logitech's G940 System: The Pilot's Joystick

Over in Los Angeles, Logitech is getting in on the E3 action by introducing an all new flight stick that's definitely one of the most realistic we've ever seen. The Flight System G940 is far more sophisticated than the joysticks of yesteryear, and it's actually the company's first-ever stick with force feedback. If you're doubting the authenticity of this, have a listen: the design and controls were inspired by military and commercial planes and helicopters.

Ruben Mookerjee, Logitech’s director of product marketing for gaming, is clearly proud of the new development: "There’s nothing ordinary about a G-series gaming peripheral, and the G940 is no different. We approached this project with the goal of redefining the flight sim experience. Whether you’re flying an A380, an F/A-18 Hornet or a Comanche helicopter, when you want to feel the wind on your wings, control engines together or independently or master tricky maneuvers, the G940 behaves and feels like the real thing – from takeoff to landing."

Also of note, the G940 is a three component system: included is a joystick, a dual throttle and rudder pedals. There's also 250 programmable button options integrated into the package, which is apt to overwhelm the average Joe and thoroughly excite the wannabe pilots. The whole rig can be connected to a PC via a single USB connector, and all of the pieces feature mounting points if you're thinking of setting up a new gaming room. All told, there are eight programmable base-buttons, two eight-way hat switches, four programmable grip buttons nd a pair of rotary analog controls. The G940 is slated to arrive in the United States and Europe this September for $299.99.