Logitech Crayon Hits Apple Store September 12 As Cheaper Apple Pencil Alternative

Logitech has been making peripherals and accessories for computers and tablets for decades, such as the MX Vertical mouse we talked about last month. The company has announced that a product made originally for the education market is now coming to Apple Retail stores for the masses to purchase designed specifically for the new 9.7-inch iPad. That product is called the Logitech Crayon and is an Apple Pencil replacement that features a chunky, kid-friendly and durable design that anyone could use. Logitech notes that the Crayon uses Apple Pencil technology inside.

logi crayon

Since the stylus uses Apple's technology, it delivers an "ultra-responsive, precise, and comfortable handwriting experience." It can be used for drawing, handwriting, or markup and highlighting of content in iPad apps for the App Store, just like the Apple Pencil. One potential downside for users is that the Logitech Crayon doesn’t support pressure sensitivity.

Lacking pressure sensitivity won’t be an issue for many users, but if you want to use the Crayon to draw that could be a deal breaker. The device does support dynamic adjustment of line weight, so you can go from thick to thin lines by tilting the tip of the Crayon. Crayon does feature palm-rejection technology that ignores touches that are not from the Crayon to prevent accidental input while in use.

Users don’t need to pair Crayon with the iPad to use it; just turn it on and go. The internal battery is good for seven hours of writing time on a full charge. Logitech designed Crayon to be easy to hold for all hand types, and it has a flat surface to keep it from rolling off the desk when put down. A rubber end cap tethers the Crayon to the tablet to keep the Crayon from being misplaced. Logitech's Crayon sells for $49.99 when purchased via the Apple education store and will sell for $69.99 when it is available later this month for everyone via Logitech.com, Apple.com, and Apple Retail stores. General retail availability in other locations lands in October.