Logitech Outs the Harmony Touch Universal Remote

Logitech has dedicated itself to developing one remote to rule them all, as it were, and today the company announced its latest effort, the Logitech Harmony Remote.

The device’s premiere feature is the touchscreen nesting in the middle of the remote. Using the bright, 2.4-inch screen, you can add and scroll through up to 50 saved favorite channels (with customizable icons), bring up a number pad, set and sort various activities, and more.

Logitech also shrunk the whole unit a bit from the last generation, making it a bit more ergonomical and leaving just the button people use the most. For those who already use the Logitech Harmony One remote, you can easily keep your settings and transfer them over to a new Harmony Touch using MyHarmony.com.

The universal remote is compatible with 225,000 devices over 5,000 different brands, and it can be used up to 15 devices in your home at a time.

Logitech Harmony One, Touch

For a limited time, if users like the Logitech Facebook page, they’ll be entered into a chance to get the Logitech Harmony Touch before it arrives at retail stores.